Wealthy Habits – Financial Literacy Programs

Our programs are designed to keep students entertained.  We map out classes so that minimum time is spent listening to lecture.  When topics are being discussed, students are encouraged to interact by being asked instead of being told.  The overall effect is a student willing to get involved, ask questions and ultimately retain the information.

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What is an ASSET?  What is a LIABILITY?  Students are told briefly how to distinguish between the two.  “Assets put money in your pocket, liabilities take money out of your pocket.”  They are then put into groups to decide for themselves the difference and to categorize their given items.

What is a 401K?  Learning the vocabulary of money isn’t something anyone cheers about.  We play a number of games that teach these terms.  The Fly Swatter game encourages all of the students to listen and learn.  We give the definition while students search for the term on our word wall.  First to swat the word wins Moola.

The Password Game requires the students to give clues to their teammates so they can guess the word. This isn’t as easy as it sounds.  The clue giving side mustn’t say any of the words on the card.  Each guessed word gives their team a point.  After three minutes, the team with the most wins Moola.

Counting Back Change – Have you ever been in the check out line and the register stops working?  The cashier looks at you dumbfounded because she/he has no idea how to give you back your change.  Few are taught this simple yet important skill.  All of our students learn how to give a customer back their change.