Meet Our Founder: Jonathan D. Rosen, Rosen Family Foundation


A self-made entrepreneur. A forward-thinking visionary. An empowering wealth-builder. While all of these phrases effectively and accurately describe Jonathan D. Rosen, founder of The Jonathan D. Rosen Family Foundation, they give only a glimpse of the personal sacrifice and success that inspired him to become a dedicated advocate for the financial literacy of today’s children.

Having been taught the value of wealth-building at an early age by his own family, Jonathan Rosen attempted his own entrepreneurial endeavor during high school, as the developer of EVI Medical Management Systems, a consulting firm to physician’s practices. After experiencing success as a young entrepreneur, he attained his bachelor’s degree in Economics from the Wharton School of Finance and Commerce of the University of Pennsylvania and attended Emory Law School.

Armed with a strong interest in wealth-building and an uncanny ability to develop and maintain new businesses, Jonathan began to share his sought-after professional experience in economics as a wealth management adjunct instructor at the South Carolina School of Medicine. Additionally, Mr. Rosen founded The Wealth Builders Foundation for Economic Planning, Inc., a wealth management consultancy specializing in catering to the financial planning needs of high net-worth individual investors. He also became a noted speaker, sharing his knowledge and consulting expertise with corporate clients such as Sara Lee Corporation and Polo Ralph Lauren. Presently, Mr. Rosen is the CEO of Entaire Global Companies, Inc., a financial services holding company specializing in leveraged strategies for retirement planning and wealth creation.

Raising awareness of the importance of financial literacy for children is not only a passion for Mr. Rosen, but a way of life, rooted deep in the habits and knowledge shared during his own upbringing.  In 2009, he created The Jonathan D. Rosen Family Foundation to empower children with the knowledge of finance and wealth building. That same year Mr. Rosen joined the board of the Gwinnett County Chamber of Commerce, further establishing his commitment to the growth and development of local businesses and entrepreneurship.

As The Rosen Family Foundation continues to expand its programming, Mr. Rosen’s unwavering pledge to educate and empower children to realize their financial dreams remains unchanged. Our message still remains the same: to educate and empower children with the financial education to build wealthy habits for a lifetime.