April 2013 – The new Wealthy Habits program website was launched.  With tremendous assistance from the Vela Marketing Agency, www.wealthyhabits.org was developed to provide an exciting user-friendly site for parents and students interested in the Jonathan D. Rosen Family Foundation programs.  The website has been a great success in capturing the interest of potential students and maintaining a connection with Wealthy Habits alumni and program supporters.

August, 2012 –  The Wealthy Habits logo was created by Arne Ratermanis.  The “Money Man” logo has been increasingly influential in developing the Wealthy Habits brand, and will be instrumental in future program growth.

August 2012 – The Rosen Family Foundation attained its own office and classroom space at 1200 Ashwood Parkway.  The office is located in the beautiful, bustling area of Ashford/Dunwoody, and is made possible by Entaire Global Companies.

June 20 & 21, 2012 – The initial Wealthy Habits program was conducted with a group of 10 students ages 11-14.  This class marks the beginning of a long journey to teach students financial literacy and give them the tools and knowledge needed to become truly financially free.

November, 2009 – Jonathan D. Rosen made an initial contribution to the Foundation of Entaire Global Stock.

August 2009 – The Jonathan D. Rosen Family Foundation formed as a Georgia not-for-profit 501 (c)(3) organization.