James Miller

Money was scarce after the abandonment of his father at the age of eleven. Jim was the youngest of eight and had few opportunities in rural Michigan. To pay for his school lunches, he took a job at the local recreation department making merely $3.25 an hour, learning the true value of his time.

Even with little opportunity to branch out, Jim knew college was a necessity. After playing football for several years, he received a partial football scholarship to Hillsdale College in Michigan. Despite his scholarship, he struggled to bridge the financial gap, needing to cover books, tuition, and other costs. Unrelenting in his commitment, he took a job as a garbage man making $6.25 an hour.

With so much working against him, there were many times Jim could have given up. Determined to make a better life, he graduated from college and found his first job at a major accounting firm. After living in poverty for so many years, this job meant everything. Jim was making more money than he ever had, and quickly decided to buy a new car and move into a nicer apartment. Unfortunately, he didn’t realize that he was falling into significant debt. Only making two-thirds of his accumulated debt, the $58,000 took several years to pay off.

These life events made Jim the person he is today. He is no longer the poverty stricken teen or the college grad in debt.  Jim is a successful executive, entrepreneur, and philanthropist who brings an exciting perspective to the Organization’s Board of Trustees.

Perhaps even more importantly, as a parent of three, he now understands the necessity of starting students on the right path early, and has gotten behind the Wealthy Habits program with the genuine dedication to make a difference. Our trustee team is enhanced by his presence, and we are very grateful for his support and passion for the organization’s mission.

Jim has already distinguished himself as a key strategic contributor, and has become the driving force behind the initiative to provide Wealthy Habits on school campuses.  Coordinating the efforts between the organization and St. Raphael Catholic Middle School based in Raleigh, N.C. and funding the entire project, he was key in building the partnership that is the cornerstone of ongoing efforts to expand Wealthy Habits beyond the Metro Atlanta area.

Michelle Spiro

Vice President of Sales, Merchandising and Sales Planning for Calvin Klein Men’s Underwear

After graduating Cum Laude from Wellesley College with a BA in Economics and Psychology, Michelle started a career in the fashion industry by joining Macy’s Executive Training Program. In her five years at Macy’s she went from a trainee, to a department manager, assistant buyer, group manager, regional merchandise manager and a Buyer for junior denim. Wanting to integrate her business experience with her combined degree in psychology and economics,

Michelle attended Columbia University, where she received a master’s degree in Organizational Psychology. After graduating a position as Business analyst for DKNY Woman’s sportswear and Accessories was created for her, and six months later she became the Business analyst for the entire company.

Michelle ultimately became National Sales Manger for DKNY women’s sportswear. Learning that her talents were in leading a team, she left DKNY to become Vice President of Sales for Polo Ralph Lauren Men’s underwear which after six years, lead her to her current position of Vice President of Sales, Merchandising and Sales Planning for Calvin Klein Men’s Underwear, a division of Warnaco. At Warnaco, Michelle also serves as a member of the steering committee for The Warnaco Foundation.

Andrea “Andy” Trotti MD

Director of CLinical Trials in Radiation Oncology at the Moffitt Cancer Center

Dr. Trotti is a Professor and Director of Clinical Trials in Radiation Oncology at the Moffitt Cancer Center. He is recognized for his expertise in Head and Neck (H&N) cancer. His research include improving radiotherapy in H&N cancer using targeted agents and advanced radiation technologies.

He currently serves as the Co-Chair of the National Cancer Institute (NCI) H&N Steering Committee responsible for development of NCI Phase II and III trials. He has authored NCI and Pharmaceutical sponsored landmark studies of radiation time-dose-schedules, organ preservation trials and interventions to reduce cancer therapy toxicity. Dr. Trotti is leading current NCI initiatives to develop new approaches to virus-related H&N cancers. He has a long standing interest in reducing the toxicity burden of cancer treatment and improving patient-reported quality of life.

Dr Trotti and his wife (Joy) are both natives of Tampa where Joy owns and operates a corporate housing enterprise.

Jonathan D. Rosen

Mr. Rosen is an entrepreneur, wealth planning professional, and CEO of Entaire Global Companies, Inc. a financial services holding company specializing in leveraged strategies for retirement planning and wealth creation. Mr. Rosen is active in the Gwinnett County Chamber of Commerce to whose board he was named in 2009. Mr. Rosen was named one of Catalyst Magazine’s 25 Atlanta Entrepreneurs to Watch and was recognized by Gwinnett Magazine as one 2009’s People to Watch. Additionally, Mr. Rosen is the founder of The Wealth Builders Foundation for Economic Planning, Inc. a wealth management consultancy specializing in catering to the financial planning needs of high and ultra-high net worth individuals.


Mr. Rosen began his career as a healthcare management professional and has extensive experience in physician practice management at the corporate level. He was the founder and CEO of EVI Medical Management Systems, a firm that provided consulting services to physician’s practices. In this capacity, he managed multiple practice organizations, delivering a myriad of physician practice management services.


Mr. Rosen holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics from the Wharton School of Finance and Commerce of the University of Pennsylvania and attended Emory Law School. His areas of academic concentration and research have included insurance, risk management and healthcare management. Mr. Rosen has served as an adjunct instructor at the South Carolina School of Medicine in the area of wealth management. Over the years, he has become a noted speaker in the area of wealth building – his consulting clients include Sara Lee Corporation and Polo Ralph Lauren. Mr. Rosen is also co-inventor for 3 patents in area of Leveraged Planning™.